Partners for Founders, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Offices and portfolio companies across Australia and New Zealand, we develop tailored strategies and solutions helping them to realise their potential, faster.

How we work

Current Future consists of teams who have held C-Level positions in Founder-led,
Private Equity and Venture Capital portfolio businesses.

Step 1

Unpacking the challenge

Current Future brings together experienced operators who work with the leadership team to identify and unpack the true challenges facing the business, and how best to solve them.

Step 2

Delivering the solution

Flexible C-Level resources working on a project, fractional or interim basis.

Getting in, getting the job done and making
ourselves redundant in < 12 months.

Replacing ourselves with a BAU team – hired, trained and operating to deliver the next phase.

Current Future

What we believe

Change is the only constant.

Responding to, and capitalising upon change needs to happen quickly. Experienced operators who have seen it and done it before are best placed to do this.

Yet employing full-time senior people takes significant time, and once the new strategy has been set and execution is humming, they might not be the right people for the next phase, or can be an expensive proposition long-term.

Flexible C-Level operators who can work cross-functionally to get down the runway faster, put the right team in place for the next phase and continue to provide oversight long-term - provides a smart, efficient and effective solution to this need.

The collective

Cameron Honey

Cameron Honey

Founder & CEO

10+ years in senior executive roles in founder-led businesses through to large corporates, specialising in helping businesses be ready for and respond to rapid growth and change, now and into the future. Trained as a Chartered Accountant and lawyer, Cameron brings broad operational experience to clients including organisational design, evolving operating functions, developing Board processes and commercial decision making approaches - acting as an extension of the arm of the CEO/Founder.​

Karen Dwyer

Karen Dwyer


20+ years in senior marketing roles working with some of the world’s leading companies and innovative start-ups. Driving growth and building high performing brand, marketing and customer experience teams across AU, UK and US. The focus is commercialising innovation and generating rapid and significant growth through new product and market launches, brand, marketing, go-to-market and CX strategy development, and building the right teams to implement these strategies.

Experienced Operators who thrive on complex challenges, fast-paced environments and getting s*it done, including:

A CEO who has taken a medical device business from incubator to VC funded to Private Equity ownership to ASX-listing.

A Chief Customer Officer who has taken a direct to consumer digital subscription product from concept to activation to exit.

A CFO who has taken a business through 3x revenue growth and from Founder to Private Equity ownership.

A CFO who has taken an ed-tech platform through capital raises, mergers and onto the ASX.

A CMO who has scaled start-ups, driven innovation within corporations and worked with Private Equity to rebuild assets for subsequent sale.

A COO who has taken a business through 2x revenue growth post Private Equity investment, establishing in the US market.

A Chief Commercial Officer who completely rebuilt a business model following a major external event.

A CTO who has coded and developed a digital payments product and exited to a large corporate.

A CTO who has taken a consumer goods brand and implemented systems supporting global expansion under Private Equity and Venture Capital investment.